Membership Plans

At Legacy Health, our pricing system is very straightforward. No hidden costs or impossibly complicated invoices. If you have questions, simply ask. We're happy to walk you through anything.

Concierge Medicine Membership

$ 50 - 300 per month
  • Children (18 & under) - $50/month
  • Adults - $100/month
  • Family - $300/month max
  • Age Management Members (those in Regenerative/Hormone membership) + $49/month. Saves $50 when combined.
  • Employees with 5+ employees - $75/month/adult
  • Experience unrushed, convenient visits with no copays or after visit fees. Legacy Health provides the high quality, personalized care you deserve. With our experienced medical team, you can rest assured that your health is in the best of hands.

Regenerative Medicine & Hormone Optimization Membership

$ 150 per month
  • We operate as a members only organization. We don't allow walk-in appointments or visits by non-members. This ensures that your care team is available to respond to your needs quickly and give you the attention that you deserve.
  • Your monthly membership includes direct access to your medical team, follow-up phone, virtual and office visits, medically necessary labs to manage your medication and managing and supporting your customized care plan.
  • As a member you also get access to and discounts on medical services such as IV therapy, ozone, Botox, peptides and other unique regenerative medicine therapies.


$199 per month
  • Concierge Care + Regenerative Medicine & Hormone Optimization
  • Your trusted team of medical professionals will manage all of your healthcare needs from primary care to regenerative medicine and hormone optimization.

Membership Benefits

Like having a doctor in the family!

Unlimited convenient, relaxed visits including tele-health visits.

Full access to your provider via technology - text, phone, virtual & email.

Same day and next day scheduling - you're a priority and you'll feel like one.

Wholesale labs, imaging and medication - we pass our benefits right to you.

Weekend and after hour urgent care services by appointment

A doctor in a white coat gives a high-five to a smiling young girl sitting on her mother's lap. The mother, wearing a cream-colored cardigan, smiles at her daughter. The background shows anatomical charts on the wall, making the scene feel professional yet comforting.

Healthcare Reimagined

We believe that healthcare should be affordable, accessible, and personalized to everyone. That’s why at Legacy Health, we put our patients first and never let insurance, paperwork, or long wait times come between you and a healthy life. Located in Burnsville, MN, Legacy Health provides medical care and treatments the way they should be provided.

People often avoid getting the medical care that they need because they have a high deductible or no health insurance at all. As a concierge clinic, we cut the middlemen out and provide patients the services they need directly. We focus on what the patient needs and use the best approach without involving the insurance companies.

Our approach is simple: a membership to our clinic provides you and your family unlimited access to your practitioner with transparent yet affordable medical services. There are no surprise costs or back-and-forth communication with third-party companies.

At Legacy Health, we are in medicine to help others by providing personalized care at affordable prices. We build relationships with our patients by learning their medical and family history to offer the best solutions regarding their health.

Concierge Medicine with Insurance

Although insurance is not needed to be a member of our clinic, pairing a membership with an insurance policy is a great way to keep you and your family protected. As members, you can come to Legacy Health for all primary care needs.

Paired with a high-deductible plan or cost-sharing partner, you and your family can be covered for emergencies that require hospitalization, saving out-of-pocket expenses.

A stethoscope is placed on top of health insurance forms. The forms include headings such as "Health Insurance" and sections for patient information. The image symbolizes healthcare, insurance coverage, and membership in a trusted medical support network.

See if You Qualify for Membership

Our membership pricing is straightforward and transparent.
Select a membership plan based upon what you need.

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