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“I want to share with you what hormone optimization has done for me and just how much it has improved my quality of life. In my late 30s, my physical health really began to decline. My energy, drive, and willingness to just take care of myself became an everyday challenge. To make matters worse, I would undergo shoulder surgery and knee surgery in a matter of a month. Muscle atrophy quickly started taking place, leaving me with a very undesired look and feel. I decided I had enough of feeling and looking like an overweight, old, achy version of myself and knew this couldn’t be what life was supposed to look like at age 40. I decided to do what most of us men refuse to do; I sought help from a medical professional. After labs confirmed what I was confident was the issue, I began an HRT protocol designed to optimize my hormones. With a committed focus on HRT and diet, in four months I was able to transform my body – there was a complete 180 in how I felt and looked. I am now 44 and feeling healthier, with more drive than I have ever felt, and there’s just no way I would have gotten here without HRT. Not only am I an owner, I am a client, and want you to experience all the benefits of HRT, the way that I have!” -Lyf Nimmo

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