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Healthcare Reimagined

We believe that healthcare should be affordable, accessible, and personalized to everyone. That’s why at Legacy Health, we put our patients first and never let insurance, paperwork, or long wait times come between you and a healthy life. Located in Burnsville, MN, Legacy Health provides medical care and treatments the way they should be provided.

People often avoid getting the medical care that they need because they have a high deductible or no health insurance at all. As a concierge clinic, we cut the middlemen out and provide patients the services they need directly. We focus on what the patient needs and use the best approach without involving the insurance companies.

Our approach is simple: a membership to our clinic provides you and your family unlimited access to your practitioner with transparent yet affordable medical services. There are no surprise costs or back-and-forth communication with third-party companies.

At Legacy Health, we are in medicine to help others by providing personalized care at affordable prices. We build relationships with our patients by learning their medical and family history to offer the best solutions regarding their health.

Membership Value Chart

Common Office Visit Charges Legacy Health Concierge Medicine Standard Insurance or Self-Pay
1 Hour New Patient Physical INCLUDED $388
15 Minute Established Patient Visit INCLUDED $162
30 Minute Complex Care Visit INCLUDED $322
60 Minute Initial Consult INCLUDED $391
Telehealth Visit (per 10 min) INCLUDED $101
Diabetic Visit INCLUDED $162
EKG with Interpretation INCLUDED $105
Simple Laceration Requiring Sutures INCLUDED $171
Requiring Sutures INCLUDED $556
Suture Removal INCLUDED $157
Ear Wax Removal INCLUDED $168
Abscess Incision & Drainage INCLUDED $486
Sebaceous Cyst Removal INCLUDED $357
Small Mole Excision INCLUDED $357
Medium Mole Excision INCLUDED $312
Ingrown Toenail INCLUDED $310
Joint Injection (Hip, Shoulder Knee) INCLUDED $113
Tendon Sheath Injection INCLUDED $172
Trigger Point Injection INCLUDED $86
IUD Placement INCLUDED $190
IUD Removal INCLUDED $196
included) INCLUDED $331
Nexplanon Removal INCLUDED $371
Urgent Care Visit INCLUDED $331
ER Visit For Minor Problem INCLUDED $484
ER Visit For Moderate Problem INCLUDED $650
Well Child Exams INCLUDED $215
Streptococcal Test INCLUDED $35
Urinalysis INCLUDED $10
Urine Pregnancy Test INCLUDED $20
Mononucleosis Test INCLUDED $15
Fingerstick Glucose INCLUDED $13
Fingerstick Hemoglobin INCLUDED $11
Annual Labs INCLUDED $71
Therapeutic Phlebotomy INCLUDED $150
COVID-19 PCR $80 $118
Hormone Lab Testing $299 $500-800
STD Panel $100 $149
Heavy Metal Panel $159 $379
Coagulation Panel $359 $724

Many more labs are available at wholesale prices. Disclaimer: Standard insurance and self-pay values are regional and local cost estimates obtained from and healthcare bluebook for general comparison. Accuracy unknown.
*Limits apply.

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Our membership pricing is straightforward and transparent.
Select a membership plan based upon what you need.

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